Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mcnair Family1 Round 6

We start this family with Jacqueline trying to teach Deborah how to talk.

Jaqueline places a bouquet of roses after another dream date

Connor finishes teaching Deborah to talk. way to go, Deborah

Jacqueline received a promotion to bit player. Good job, jacqueline.

The family received a visit from a polar friend. I thought it was funny that he was talking to only a part of a snowman.

Carla taught Betty how to play dead

Happy Birthday, Deborah

The Mcnair family has a nice meal together

Connor and Jaqueline enjoy another dream date. If you see the photobooth rocking, don't bother knocking.

before the date ended Connor proposed marriage to Jaqueline and she accepted

Betty got a chance card at work

Congrats, Betty. Sorry about the ears.

Now Jaqueline gets a chance card. Lets hope she does as well as Betty

Yes! way to go Jaqueline. and she even gets a promotion out of it. She is not going to let a dog show her up.

That evening Jaqueline got news that she had been waiting for. An official heir or heiress was on it's way. Deborah was born before Jaqueline and connor were married so her last name was Kauker. I prefer the heirs to have the last name of the family, if possible.

Conner celebrates the good news by fixing the dishwasher

Jaqueline informs the grandmothers of the impending births over a slice of cheesecake

Carla goes out to tend the garden and mull over the news

It was Connors turn to get a chance card at work

He wasn't so lucky with his chance card. I guess he shouldn't have been so inhibited

Jaqueline gave birth to a set of boy girl twins

No, I didn't forget to give them names. they are Carson and Naomi. Sadly, there was so much commotion going on that I didn't notice the passing of another generation 1 sim. Carmen Mcnair has gone to her reward.

Deborah seemed the most broken up about her grandmothers death

We now leave the Mcnair family until the next round. Connor has a job in the artist career track as a muralist.


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ASimWen said...

Yay for Betty and Jacqueline! Great job promotions...sorry about Carmen...