Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ghoulson Family Round Five

Lizabeth returned home from College just as her mother left for work. Lizabeth called up David and asked him to come over. After a couple of romantic interactions, She asked him to move in. He accepted, bringing 14,000 simoleons into the house. David is a Cancer, with 6 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful and 6 nice. His turnons are fitness and vampirism. His turn off is makeup.

Both David and Lizabeth checked on the computer for jobs in the field pertaining to their LTW, but there weren't any. They spent the tiime skilling and woohooing. They are now expecting a baby.
Samantha got a promotion to Surgeon.

John Xavier came around. He is furious with David. This time he stole the newspaper, but he has come every day this week to either steal the newspaper or kick over the trash can. At least he dresses nice.

Samantha grew into an elder. She still has not reached the top of the Medical Career, her LTW, so she will still have to continue to work. She got the want to adopt a pet, so I let her call the adoption agency. She got a miniature Schnauzer named Cymoril. She put Cymoril to work in the security track.

The next day both David and Lizabeth got jobs. David entered the law enforcement track as a desk sergeant, while Lizabeth entered the business track as a CEO, where she would remain for the week since she didn't work at all. Samantha got a chance card at work.

not sure really what the card result meant. It said something about the resident could take her job or something like that. I forgot to get a picture of the result. There were two promotions today. First David was promoted to the Vice Squad.

Then Cymoril got promoted to Guard Pet.

The next day, the same thing happened. David came home with a promotion.

Then Cymoril got a chance card and was promoted.

Lizabeth had a baby girl she named Natasha.

David taught Cymoril the play dead command.

The next day while at work Cymoril got a chance card.

Unfortunately he made the wrong choice, and received a demotion back to Guard Pet. David got a promotion.

When Cymoril got home, he was at the bottom of his hunger meter. Apparently everyone forgot to fill his food dish. They got a message saying that they need to feed Cymoril, but it was too late. The police came to pick him up and put him back in the adoption center.

Samantha got a promotion. When she got home she wasn't happy that her dog had been picked up, so she got on the phone to adopt another dog. Cymoril was back in the listing, So Samantha adopted him again, but changed his name to Benny.

It was time for Natasha to grow up to a toddler.

that is not a fancy hat on Samantha's head. It is the light fixture.

She is a Scorpio with 10 neat points, 3 outgoing points, 9 active points, 9 playful points and 1 nice point.

When Benny went to work the next day he got a promotion, since he still had all of his commands that he learned.

The next day he got another chance card, and this time he chose a different answer, and ate the ham.

Not only does he get some ham to eat, he got 5000 simoleons, and when he got home, he was promoted to TOC.

Lizabeth taught Natasha how to talk, while Samantha potty trained her and taught her how to walk.

And finally, here is a picture of Benny jumping into his carpool to go to work.

We leave the Ghoulson Family until the next round. Lizabeth is finally off to work.