Sunday, November 2, 2008

Xavier Family2

Jerry and Veronica set up housekeeping in this house they had built for them.

The first thing Jerry did was look for a job and found one in Law enforcement. Shortly after, it was time for them to get married. Veronica called her sister Lizabeth up and invited her over to the house, then called to have a party, inviting her mother and Jerry's brother, Jeffrey. The party had just got underway when the welcome wagon showed up, inviting themselves to the wedding. The Welcome wagon consisted of Carmen Mcnair, BJ the ex-headmaster, and Stephen Tinker.

Veronica made it out to the limousine and climbed in.

However, something happened and Jerry didn't get in.

Yes, Veronica went on the honeymoon by herself. It seems Jeffrey was leaving the house just as Jerry did, and stopped him from getting to the limousine. When Veronica got home, They woohoo'd and went to sleep.

The next morning, the carpool arrived and they both got in the same car, even though Veronica had a job in the show business career track. Since she had a LTW of having six children married off, it didn't really matter which job she got.

Jerry got a promotion to swat team leader.

While Veronica got a promotion to Commercial Actress

Which will be her last promotion for awhile. It was time for Veronica to give birth. It's twins again, but I used cheesecake this time. Have to speed up things because of her LTW.

They had two sons, Joshua and Jason. Here is Veronica tucking one of them in.

Yes, that is a bird cage in the background. I just got the pets EP.

Soon it was time for the twins to grow up to toddlers. I am not sure which was which, since I forgot to write down in what order they grew up in. The second one had to take two tries because he needed his diapers changed.

Both of the twins were put to bed almost right after the second one had his birthday.

Here is a picture of the first stray dog that I saw walking by the lot.

That's all from the Xavier2 house this time around.