Friday, December 10, 2010

Mcnair1 Family Round Seven

Welcome to the Mcnair Family. We had some interesting things happen this round as well as the usual stuff, so let's get started.


Looks like the Mcnairs forgot to pay their bills. the Repo Man stopped by for a visit.


The only thing he took was the bathroom sink. It could have been worse.


Deborah came home doing extremely well in school. doing homework pays off.


Her mother was pleased about it.


I don't mind the Nanny doing housework while she is on duty. In fact I appreciate it.


I just wish she would wait until the bathroom wasn't in use at the time.


The leader of the Pack showed up to pay the Mcnairs a visit. He stayed for awhile and left on his own. Deborah was the only one to interact with him. Maybe she will see him again when she is older. I have never had a werewolf in my game.

The twins grow up. On the left, in a Tuxedo, is Carson. On the right is Naomi.

Carson: neat 4, outgoing 8, active 8, playful 3, nice 3
Naomi: neat 4, outgoing 9, active 8, playful 3, nice 3


during the celebration over the twins birthday, Jaqueline took time to lecture Carla over something.


Marsha Bruenig showed up in front of the house. No one greeted her though.


Conner received a promotion to Conceptual Artist.

15Deborahseessnow.jpg 14-deborahhugsconner.jpg

Deborah seems really excited to see snow. I guess she either wants to build a snowman or get a snow day off of school. Also she greeted her father when he arrived home from work.


Stupid Nanny standing out in the snow in her bathing suit. I would think the pool would freeze over. on the up side, Conner and Jaqueline had another dream date.

20-bettylickscarson.jpg 18-NaomihugsBetty.jpg

A couple of cute pictures of the toddlers. They were autonomous actions. I didn't have to pose them. Carson got licked by Betty while Naomi hugged her.


Time for a round of birthdays. We start off with Deborah who becomes a teenager.


She became a popularity sim. at least it wasn't romance.


Her LTW is to become a Hall of famer. Better get working on your body skill points, Deborah.

26-carsonbecomeschild.jpg 25-naomibecomeschild.jpg

And the twins became children. I don't know why but a majority of the time, my toddlers grow into children in their pajamas.


Carla got a want to jump on the couch, so I indulged her.


Deborah got a makeover in the mirror.


Jaqueline got a promotion to supporting player. Good going.

We had a visit from the founding father of the family, William.


The Mcnairs went on vacation, leaving Carla home to mind the dog.

44-deborahlearnsmassage2.jpg 40-deborahlearnsfiredance.jpg 39-deborahfixeswitchdoctorshut.jpg

Deborah had lots of interesting experiences. The three most notable are; she learned how to give a massage, learned the fire dance, and she fixed the witch doctors hut. I think the voodoo doll will come in handy.


Naomi learned the hula dance.


Conner took time to sunbathe. Jaqueline joined him later but I don't have pictures of that.


The unsavory Charlatan showed up dressed in a hula outfit. Finally it was time for the family to go home.


Deborah got a job in the education field. I don't know why she didn't wait until the athletic career track came up.


The ghost of Carmen paid them a visit.


Scaring Deborah.


They invited the headmaster over. Naomi greeted him and gave him a tour of the house.


They fed him a delicious meal of Turkey prepared by Carla.

55-headmasterscenarioresults.jpg 56-kidsgetintoprivateschool.jpg

They got enough points to impress the headmaster. the Mcnair children are all in private school now.


Here is a picture of Naomi in her private school uniform.

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