Monday, June 29, 2009

Xavier Family Round Five

This week was filled with promotions, a job loss, chance cards, visit's from Jeffrey's parents, an excess of nannies, a birthday, a burglary, a moving in and a moving out.

Jeffrey started the week with a job promotion in the show business career.

Beth wasn't so lucky. She drew a chance card and chose the wrong answer, losing her job in the science track.

they are having a problem with Nannies. either too many come, or the one they hired stays on forever.

Margaret came to pay them a visit.

BJ got lonely without Margaret around, so he invited his girlfriend Nicole to move in, then got engaged to her.

Beth checked the computer and chose a job in the paronormal career. It was just something to do until science came back up again, since that was her LTW.

Jeffrey changed careers as well. He entered the business track. He got a chance card and chose the wrong answer, losing logic points.

Margaret came back to pay them a visit, and scared BJ and Nicole while they were in bed. He got a memory of her accusing him of cheating on her.

James had a birthday, and a glitch.

Paul paid them a visit as well. apparently ghosts get cold.

Beth got a promotion to medium, then found a job in the science career again.

Jeffrey got a promotion to CEO.

James saw snow for the first time.

and to close out the week, BJ and Nicole move out.

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