Monday, September 22, 2008

The Xavier Family Round One

Paul and Margaret Xavier loaded up their grandsons into a taxi since they did not have car, and headed to Laurel Valley. They had purchased the final house that the real estate company was selling at this time. They decided to bring their son's tombstone with them so the grandchildren would always have something to remember their father by. When they reached their new house Paul set up the tombstone in the sideyard and everyone paid their respects. Some were more affected by Johnny's death than others.

Afterwards Margaret and Jeffrey went into the house to begin studying. Jerry walked over to the paper girl who was just delivering the newspaper and introduced himself. Paul turned his attention to his toddler grandson.

It wasn't long before the welcome wagon showed up. Since Samantha was the first to move into the community, she seemed to make it her business to be in the welcome wagon. Gilbert also arrived with his mother Denise.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Paul picked up the paper to find a job. He realized someone needed to work to get some money in the house. He decided to get a job in the athletic track. Knowing he would need to have good body skills, Paul got down in front of the TV and worked out some.

This worked out well, as when he came home from work the next day, he got a promotion.

Margaret looked after John while the twins were in school. She was able to potty train him and teach him to talk as well.

Paul and Margaret both helped Jerry and Jeffrey learn to study.

John was taken good care of by Margaret. Not only did she teach him two of his most important skills, but she fed him and bathed him when he needed it.

Things were going well. Jeffrey had gotten a job in the criminal track, even though his long term want was for being a business tycoon. Since his brother had a want to be Captain Hero, Jeffrey thought it would be funny to get a job in the opposite field, at least while he was a teen.

Jeffrey made it up to level two in his job.

After Jeffrey and Jerry did their homework and went to bed, they had a visitor on the lot.

Johnny came into the house and went to his older sons bedroom to check on them.

Afterwards, He found his mother in the bathroom and scared her.

Johnny stayed around the house for awhile, scaring one of his sons as well. Finally he left and everyone got back to their lives. Margaret went to bed, leaving only Jeffrey and John the toddler awake. It was time for John to grow up, so Jeffrey bought a card table and a cake. He brought John to the cake and helped him grow up to be a child.

John grabbed some of his cake and then spent some time skilling before going to bed. His grandmother came in and tucked him in for the night.

Then spent some time hanging out with Jerry.

The next morning the boys all headed for school

And while Margaret studied her cooking skills, Paul invited his next door neighbor Kaitlyn Toliver over to improve their relationship.

The rest of the week the boys spent studying. John seemed to really catch on with his studying and it took about half the time or less for him to learn the same amount of skills as his brothers.

Next Time: Round Two begins