Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ghoulson Family Round Three

not much happened this round. Both Grand and Lizabeth got jobs. Grant got a job in the science track, and Lizabeth got a job in the business track.

Grant did well, first getting a promotion to Test subject:

Then he got a chance card, asking him to choose between two different kinds of licorice, red or blue. He chose blue.

losing some money in the process. Lizabeth kept her relationship strong with her mother, hanging out with her outside.

Samantha also got a chance card.

She decided to make a point and got a promotion

Samantha had not done a very good job of skill building, and needed like six different skill points before another promotion, barring any future chance card promotions.

Both Grant and Lizabeth got promotions to the top of their teen career tracks.

Then it was time for Veronica to apply for Scholarships and head off to college, where she would join her boyfriend Jerry.