Friday, November 19, 2010

Xavier2 family Round 6

Finally eight month's later We are back to Laurel Valley. Unfortunately, I played the Xavier 2 Family and took pictures but can't find them on my computer. I went back in and took some so I will be able to tell you some of the stuff that went on. As usual there were job promotions, birthdays and what have you.
Jerry got a job in the education career and is working his way to the top. He is now a University guest lecturer.

Veronica is now a broadway star.

The boys, Jason and Joshua grew up into teens. Jason became a Romance sim and wants to Woohoo with 20 sims, while Joshua is a Knowledge sim and wants to be a criminal Mastermind.

Yeah, just want to tell you Jason I doubt if I will be able to fulfill your long term want. I will let you woohoo with as many as you can get up the relationship that high, but I don't think you are going to get 20 conquests. I love that your aspiration level in this picture is "Hormonal Hurricane".

The girls, Jocelyn and Jasmine, grew up into children. Not much to say or or that I can recall. Kids are kids. Go to school, study, play, etc.

This is Jocelyn

and this is Jasmine

This is all I have for this post. I'll try not to wait another 8 months before I post again and I will get my picture folder set up better so I know where the pictures are. Thanks to everyone that is reading this blog.