Monday, September 29, 2008

Toliver Family Round Two

As you can see from the photo above, there has been changes in the family. It all began with Kaitlyn inviting Malcolm over to the house and flirting with him. Eventually she got him to bed and tried for a baby, but nothing happened. No sooner than they had finished, Malcolm jumped out of bed and ran off.
Kaitlyn tried again the next night and the same thing happened. There was no baby, and Malcolm jumped up and ran off. Kaitlyn was beginning to think that Malcolm may not be interested in having children or something.
Kaitlyn was awakened in the night by a noise outside. She looked out the window and saw a burglar trying to break into the house. He succeeded, and Kaitlyn ran past him to phone the police.

Once she was sure the police were on their way, Kaitlyn ran outside to wait for them. She looked a little silly standing outside the door in just her underthings. The police showed up quickly.

The burglar, Gordon King, managed to take the chess table, one of the chairs and the television before the police ran inside to confront him. They fought for quite awhile, with Kaitlyn cheering on Dorian the policeman.

Finally though, Dorian prevailed and led Gordon away in handcuffs.

Kaitlyn got a check to cover her losses and she was able to at least get another chess table and replace the chair. Later that day, Kaitlyn tried to fix some Chili for lunch and set the stove on fire. The fireperson came quickly and put out the fire for her. Of course she talked to the woman so she could get her as a friend later.

The next day Kaitlyn went to work and got a promotion to a lobbyist.

Shortly after getting home, Kaitlyn called up Malcolm again and invited him over. she had to find out what his feelings were towards her. When he arrived he apologized for running away, saying he had businesses he had to keep track of. Kaitlyn accepted his apology and proposed that they get engaged.

He accepted and then immediately moved into the house. His LTW is to be a criminal mastermind. he found the criminal track in the paper and applied for a job. Kaitlyn and Malcolm tried for a baby again and this time it worked.

Kaitlyn got a promotion to campaign manager right before getting time off to have her baby.

While Kaitlyn was off she improved her cooking skills quite a bit. She made it up to level 7 right before the baby was born. Malcolm got a promotion to bagman and had a chance card. He was carrying his bosses bird and it died.

Malcolm decided to lie about it.

he also got a promotion to bookie

and then soon after, as a con artist.

Malcolm couldn't wait for his son or daughter to be born. He would talk to it while it was still inside Kaitlyn

Soon it was time for Kaitlyn to give birth. One night, after taking out the trash, Kaitlyn started having labor pains near the mailbox

Yes, it was time for the baby's birth!

Kaitlyn gave birth to a little girl they named Denise. They both took care of her as a baby. Malcolm would watch her when Kaitlyn was at work, even changing her diapers, which was one of his fears. he also fed her bottles of milk and played with her.

Kaitlyn went back to work after Denise's birth. she got another promotion and was now a city council member.

It was time for Denise to grow up to be a toddler. Both Kaitlyn and Malcolm were there to watch.

Both Malcolm and Kaitlyn attended to Denise, helping her learn different things. Malcolm started teaching her potty training

and was there to watch Kaitlyn finish the job.

Malcolm got another chance card at work.

Malcolm decided to do the time share approach, gaining him a point of creativity

and 8,000 simoleons.

Kaitlyn taught Denise to walk

Denise is a really smart baby and spends most of her day playing with her bunny head when she is not sleeping. Here is her picture and her stats.

Denise is the first of Generation 2. I think she is going to need a lot encouragement growing up.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mcnair family Round 2

Welcome back to the Mcnair Family. Things have been going well, at least most of the time. first of all, carla got a promotion to fast food clerk.

Then it was time for William's Birthday

Both Carla and Carmen were getting promotions. one day they both came home and were promoted to prep cooks

However not long after this Carmen got a chance card and picked the wrong result, getting fired from her job

However, since the Mcnair's now have a computer the next day she was able to go back into the culinary track as a waitress, so she only lost one level.

Michael worried about the boys, how they would get into college later as they didn't do much studying.

He would often overlook the boys sessions at the chess table.

Soon it was Conner's turn to grow up. Carla didn't appear interested in watching.

William and Conner both had dates. First William, who had his first kiss with Veronica Ghoulson

and it ended up a dream date.

Then Conner invited a townie friend, Melody Tinker, over to the house. The first thing he did was give her a noogie.

Which she didn't like

Conner decided to start on his quest for 50 dream dates. He asked Melody on a date, which she accepted. They flirted, talked and dance at home for awhile, and then hopped in a cab, heading for Red's Diner . It seemed to be the hot spot for sims on a date.

While there, Conner got his first kiss.

At first it seemed like Conner didn't have enough relationship points with Melody. The date meter moved up slowly. Finally though, he got what he wanted, a dream date with Melody. He even got a clean point while on the date.

Only 49 more dream dates to go!

Before the week was over, Carla had been promoted to sous Chef.

Since the boys were now both teenages, Michael decided he wanted to go back to work. He got a job as a waterboy in the athletic track.

Both William and Conner got jobs as well in the slacker track. William got a promotion to a gas station attendant.

Conner got a chance card. He wasn't sure if the outcome was good or bad. at least he wasn't fired.

The boys knew they had better really study harder as they would soon be moving to university campus.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ghoulson Family Round Two

Samantha sat on the couch and thought about the week she had just gone through. First of all, she had received several promotions at work. First of all she became a paramedic:

Then she was an intern:

And finally, a Resident:

She was now halfway to her goal of becoming chief of Staff. She knew she needed to do some more studying though and make a few more friends.

There was also several birthday's this week. All of her children were now teens. First off, Veronica had her birthday and blew out the candles on her cake:

A few days later, Grant and Lizabeth both aged into teens at the same time. However, Samantha was so busy, she had forgot all about buying them a cake. They aged on their own.

Samantha was glad that they both grew up in platinum. She wanted only the best for them.
Here are the children again, with their aspirations and other information.

Samantha had to chuckle to herself as she remembered how the nanny set herself on fire on Veronica's birthday. It all started when she tried to make a baked Alaska.

Well it appears she dropped the plate, and caught herself on fire. Samantha wasn't sure how she did it, but the nanny got fire on her butt as well.

of course it only got worse from there. It seemed as if the fire would totally consume the nanny.

However, Samantha had installed a fire alarm for such emergencies as this. Mitch the fireman showed up and hosed the nanny down, saving her life.

This was not the only fire that the nanny caused. She was a bit absent minded and put a pie in the oven to cook and went off to the bathroom. However there were no pictures of the event.

Samantha also began to wonder what kind neighbors she had. Veronica had met the neighbor boy, Jerry Xavier, and seemed to hit it off with him (2 lightning bolts). Now it seemed he would show up all hours of the day or night.

Also, his mother, Margaret, would show up. Samantha met her once, but didn't have any kind of relationship with her.

They would come over and use our chessboard. Samantha guessed Margaret and Jerry didn't have one of their own.

Samantha wondered what the week ahead would bring. Time would only tell.

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