Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mcnair family Round 2

Welcome back to the Mcnair Family. Things have been going well, at least most of the time. first of all, carla got a promotion to fast food clerk.

Then it was time for William's Birthday

Both Carla and Carmen were getting promotions. one day they both came home and were promoted to prep cooks

However not long after this Carmen got a chance card and picked the wrong result, getting fired from her job

However, since the Mcnair's now have a computer the next day she was able to go back into the culinary track as a waitress, so she only lost one level.

Michael worried about the boys, how they would get into college later as they didn't do much studying.

He would often overlook the boys sessions at the chess table.

Soon it was Conner's turn to grow up. Carla didn't appear interested in watching.

William and Conner both had dates. First William, who had his first kiss with Veronica Ghoulson

and it ended up a dream date.

Then Conner invited a townie friend, Melody Tinker, over to the house. The first thing he did was give her a noogie.

Which she didn't like

Conner decided to start on his quest for 50 dream dates. He asked Melody on a date, which she accepted. They flirted, talked and dance at home for awhile, and then hopped in a cab, heading for Red's Diner . It seemed to be the hot spot for sims on a date.

While there, Conner got his first kiss.

At first it seemed like Conner didn't have enough relationship points with Melody. The date meter moved up slowly. Finally though, he got what he wanted, a dream date with Melody. He even got a clean point while on the date.

Only 49 more dream dates to go!

Before the week was over, Carla had been promoted to sous Chef.

Since the boys were now both teenages, Michael decided he wanted to go back to work. He got a job as a waterboy in the athletic track.

Both William and Conner got jobs as well in the slacker track. William got a promotion to a gas station attendant.

Conner got a chance card. He wasn't sure if the outcome was good or bad. at least he wasn't fired.

The boys knew they had better really study harder as they would soon be moving to university campus.

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