Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Xavier2 Family round seven

Twins a'plenty.

First of all, our Wendy walkby.

I just love it when kids greet their parents when they come home.

Veronica decides to do a little exercise.

Joshua gets a promotion. why he entered the teaching track is beyond me, since his LTW is to be a criminal Mastermind.

Joshua got a chance card.

But chooses the wrong response and recieves a demotion.

It was birthday time for twin girls. First of all, Here's Jasmine.

and her sister Jocelyn. Don't you just love the clothes?

Jasmine has the Fortune aspiration and wants to reach the top of the Athletics career track.

Jocelyn is a pleasure sim and her lifetime want is 50 dream dates. Looks like she is going to get a voodoo doll or join the garden club to get a wishing well.

Why, Veronica? You have 4 wonderful children.

Joshua gets another promotion and invites Deborah Kauker home.

Jerry got a promotion to College Senior Professor.

Veronica and Jerry kept getting sick ith the flu. Somebody kept kicking over the trash can. They finally caled the exterminator.

Here is the culprit. I caught Jason kicking over the trashcan. I didn't know that members of the family would kick over their own trashcans.

I told Veronica not to touch the cheesecake. But she wouldn't listen to me.

Veronica is holding Jack. He has a sister named Jill.

When Veronica went back to work after having the babies she got a promotion to Leading Lady.

Here is a foretaste of the next round.


Macnair Family2 Round Seven

Here is the latest from the Mcnair family2.

We begin the round with a couple of promotions.

Their tree in the front yard caught fire. The gardener was afraid but the tree put itself out.

William and Dagmar finally tie the knot. It wasn't they didn't want to earlier. Their creator forgot they weren't married. Apparently they drew a little attention.

Of course the marriage had to be consummated.

William became like a child again.

And Cymmi grew up into an adult cat.

Casper got a promotion to the top of the teen gamer track. Now he is able to talk trash.

Here is Wendy, who seems to walk by more than any of my other NPC's. I see her walk by on every lot I play. I guess she just wants to join my prosperity challenge.

Looks like a little Mcnair is on the way. Casper and Nancy are both Wilsons.

Dagmar was so exhausted from work she face planted in her food. Notice in the right her husband obliviously playing the piano.

Cymmi got a chance card and accepted the challenge. Is he really up to it?

Yes he was. And he got a promotion out of it.

It's time for a life to appear. Breath deep Dagmar.

Just one baby this time, thank Goodness.

Welcome to Laurel Valley, baby Charles. Another son. And notice that Dagmar's clothes are not even mussed.

William got promoted to Criminal Mastermind, thus fulfilling a LTW.
Nancy invited her BFF over to play. You'll see more of Joshua next round.

Nancy got her first kiss from Joshua. I believe it was his first kiss as well, but not sure.

Casper and Karen called to check their Scholarships. Looks like Karen studied a bit harder than Casper.

Time goes by fast in the sime world. It's time for Charlie to become a toddler.
Nancy gives her brother Casper a noogie.

while Charlie puts Cymmi in a strangle hold.

And then learns how to use the potty. Big boy Charlie.

We have two new elders in the neighborhood.

So we conclude another chapter in Laurel Valley.