Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ghoulson Family 2 round 5

Grant Ghoulson has arrived home from university, buying a small plot of land with a box house on it.

After a bit of construction and adding the right furniture and appliances, he has a livable house.

The first thing he did was to get a job in the gamer career. Who did he see walking by his house early in the morning? None other than the aspiring mayor of Laurel Valley, Kaitlyn Toliver Landgraab IV.

his girlfriend, Angie Baity dropped out of University and moved over to Laurel Valley. They were engaged right away, even though she was still in University.

Someone invited him downtown, but she was a little old for him. She reminded him of one of his nanny's when he was much younger.

Grant and Angie spent some quality time together.

Grant started getting promotions at work.

Finally Angie made the decision to drop out of University and move in with Grant.

They decided to get married right away. Angie called and set up the party and inviting the guests. Soon they were standing under the arch waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Finally the marriage happened. Angie Baity became Angie Ghoulson.

Here are the wedding guests: Invited; Jeffrey and Jerry Xavier, Veronica Xavier, Lizabeth Ghoulson and William mcnair. Party crashers: Rodney Larrea and Elmer Hutchins.

Although I didn't get the pictures, that night after the wedding Elmer kept coming over and kicking the garbage can over, even with Angie standing right next to it. I didn't schedule a honeymoon for Grant and Angie beforehand, so there was no limo.

While at work the next day, Grant got a chance card.

He chose Johnny.

He got several more promotions.

of course all work and no play make for a dull blog. Angie and Grant had a baby.

They named him Kiernan. Shortly after the baby was born Angie decided to cook pancakes. Bad idea. they had forgotten to buy a fire alarm.

Angie managed to get to the phone and call the fire department, so everything came out alright. Finally, here is a picture of daddy Grant having a little quality time with Kiernan before getting ready for work.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Xavier Family round 2

This round Jerry and Veronica Xavier raise their family, get promotions and have more children.

Here is Joshua and Jason's statistics:

Their father would come in and regale them about cases he had worked on in the police force.

they were potty trained, taught to walk and talk. Here is Veronica potty training one of the twins.

Jerry wasn't so good at fixing the electronics that broke. You might say it was an electrifying experience.

Veronica seemed capable of fixing things though.

Veronica got a promotion to Cartoon voice.

Veronica became pregnant again. She gave birth to twin girls. she seems to like cheesecake.

The boys grew up to be children, went to school and had friends over. Here one of them seems to think girls are stinky.

Well, maybe not all girls.

Jerry got promoted to captain Hero, thus filling his LTW.

Here is a picture of one the girls as a toddler. Their names are Jasmine and Jocelyn.

one day as Jerry went out to go to work, he came across a dog fight.

Here are the two dogs who were fighting. They actually did stop him from going to work.

That's about it for this time. Here is an odd picture out. Veronica turned into an owl and looked behind her without turning around.