Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toliver1 Family Round 6

The round starts with a dog fight. Marvin and Ariel were going at it.

Malcolm got a tip from his broker about some moneywell stock. He had an opportunity to make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Earning him a few simoleons in the process.

Malcolm got a promotion to President of his company.

It was time for Joseph's birthday. He was ready to become a teenager. It seems like only yesterday he was just a baby in his parent's arms.

and so we have another teen in the hood. Meet Joseph, the teenager.

He wants to be a knowledge sim.

and to Max out 7 skills. Looks like he is going to be spending a lot of time studying.

Meanwhile, while Joseph had his little party with his family someone else had a birthday that was scarcely noticed. Malcolm became an elder.

Ariel got a chance card.

She and Buster both lost their jobs.

Denise checked her scholarships and moved to university. Unfortunately, no one was there to see her off.

Marvin has received a promotion to Guard Pet.

Joseph got a job in the adventure career track. He got a chance card.

and a promotion.

Next, Marvin got a chance card

and a demotion

A scandal almost erupted in Laurel Valley when it's senator, Kaitlyn Toliver, was found taking a bath in an outdoor tub.

Malcolm got another chance card at work.

unfortunately, he lost some logic points.

However Joseph got a promotion to the top of the teen career.

And Marvin got a promotion back to Guard Pet.

It hasn't been all work and no play for Joseph. He invited teen Wendy home from school one day and things heated up. Their relationship got to the point where he decided he wanted to kiss her.

Kaitlyn and Malcolm taught the dogs to play dead and Marvin to speak.

Kaitlyn had a birthday and became an elder. She is not yet Mayor. Will she become mayor next round, or will her plans be foiled? Tune in next round to find out.

Odd Picture out: I didn't know the maid would fill in holes outside.



ASimWen said...

Ohh Wendy and Joseph??? Looks like a good match! :)

M.McMillan said...

Interesting chance cards

Robert said...

Wen, Joseph only has a one bolt attraction toward Wendy. She showed up on the Xavier lot too, so I will have to see who is the best match. Whenever I find him, I will send Wendy to college with him.

ciyrose said...

Looks like it was very busy around there with all those chance cards. Good luck to Joseph and Wendy.