Tuesday, November 30, 2010

University Round six

Denise Toliver is in university now. Since most everyone has seen or played Sims through University, I won't be showing everything that happens, but will let you see some of the more interesting stuff, at least to me.


Here are Denise and Melissa Vijayakar taking a shower at the same time. It seemed like they both needed a shower at the same time every time while they were at the dorm.


Here they are again with one of the other dorm residents. I loved that the videogame had a face on the side with a shocked look on it's face.


I only showed this because this is what happened every semester for both Denise and Melissa, So I only need to show one of them.

They both were accepted into the Greek House. It was really easy since only Elmer was in the house at the start of this round. All they had to do was get to 25 or 30 relationship with Elmer before calling to join the greek house.


You have to love those cheerleaders. they don't seem to care where your sim is when they want to cheer.

My greek house sims and visiting sims always seemed to want to be on this machine. If I left them alone for too long, they headed right for it. the cheerleader stayed on it for over two semesters. I had a picture of Denise hanging upside down in the machine but apparently a sim in their underwear violates Photobuckets term of use.

I added a fishing pond to the greek house and Denise took advantage of it. I thought it was funny that the sims did a filip the first time they cast their line into the pond. that is until it happened to all my sims. Then it got kind of old.


Both denise and Melissa socialized and got other pledges for the greek house. I didn't realize that Denise was that much into a relationship with Curtis (the blond hair guy). Elmer and Denise did woohoo and Curtis comes up and accused Denise of cheating on him. This made him furious with both Denise and Elmer.


Curtis continued to annoy and poke at Elmer. Eventually they got into a fight and Curtis won.


Denise got her first kiss from Curtis. Although Curtis had been furious, he got over it.


during the winter season we had a visit from the penguin


Denise threw a toga party. I Don't know why she didn't change into a toga for the party. Everyone else eventually did.

Denise got into the Secret Society. This is the first time that I had all female secret society members greet the sim at the secret society. I didn't get Melissa in, although she had finally had enough friendship points to do it. I just chose to end University first.


Denise, Melissa and Curtis all graduated at the same time. Elmer graduated earlier. I don't know what to do with Elmer or Melissa yet, so they will stay in a house with just a phone for right now.


Here is Melissa, Denise and Curtis after they arrived back at the lot after graduation. The sim on the far right is Anthony Lewis, a member of the greek house and a member of the secret society. He and Renee chin, also in the secret society, will be holding my greek house for future generations of the Laurel Valley sims. I rarely have my sims throw a graduation party and they didn't this time either.


This is Anthony and Renee right after Curtlis left for home. Thus ends another successful round of University.

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