Friday, October 3, 2008

Xavier Family Round Two

The week started out with a townie kid kicking over the trash can

I'm not sure why, but this kid seemed to have a particularly evil face

Shortly afterwards, Paul arrived home from work and had got a promotion to being a mascot, the top level of the athletic career for him.

Jeffrey also reached the top of his career, which also made him an overachiever as he was getting A+'s.

Jerry invited his girlfriend Veronica Ghoulson over and then asked her on a date. They stayed at home for awhile, then went downtown.

Jerry asked Veronica to go steady and the date ended as a dream date.

The boys father put in an appearance, creating bubbles in the tub and scaring little John.

Paul comforted John later, and tucked him into bed.

It was time for John's birthday.

A couple of days later, Margaret answered the phone. It was one of Paul's friends that he hadn't spoken to for awhile. Paul had just picked up the receiver when the grim reaper arrived.

The insurance company offered their condolences on Paul's death, and paid out on the policy that paul had. He did not die in platinum (or ever make it there ever) so the payoff wasn't as large as it could have been.

Most of the money went to his wife and grandson's, but his friend Kaitlyn received a tiny sum as well, as did someone who shall remain nameless.

Paul's death sent Margaret into aspiration failure, bringing the sim psychiatrist over for a visit.

Right after they mourned their grandfather's death, both Jeffrey and Jerry left for college.

What was once a house with five people in it, became a house with two people in it, neither of them working. After his brother's left for college, John comforted his grandmother.

Margaret's aspiration level didn't improve, and she was seen playing with a flour sack.

Margaret got the want to resurrect Paul. she also got the want to fall in love again, and get married. Sadly Margaret is near the end of her days and I don't think any of these wants will be fulfilled, without a cheat.

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