Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ghoulson Family round one

Samantha Ghoulson sighed as she led her children into the house. She realized now why they were selling the house so cheaply. It was barely furnished, only the bare essentials. In the kitchen was a cheap stove, cheap refrigerator and two counters. She had two beds, one for Veronica and one for herself.

In the bathroom there was a toilet, shower stall and bathtub.

In the living room she only had a small couch and a telephone. Samantha was glad that she had kept some money aside. She purchased two cribs, two potty chairs, two bunny heads and a bookcase.

Samantha had a lot do on the first day. She had to get Veronica, her six year old, enrolled in public school, take care of the needs of her twins and herself as well, and find herself a job. She found time to study a cookbook and was trying to get her cooking skills up. She had barely begun to study when she heard the doorbell ring.

When she answered the door she found Malcolm Landgraab IV, Gilbert Jacquet, and Carmen Mcnair standing on the lawn. after greeting all of them, Samantha spent most of her time talking to Malcolm. He seemed well to do. Samantha even discussed woohooing with him, but that would have to wait. After fixing lunchmeat sandwiches and playing a quick game of kicky bag, Samantha sent everyone home.

Samantha was finding it difficult to keep up with everyone's needs . She did prepare food for herself and Veronica, take the twins to the potty, feed them bottles and get them to bed. Usually she was too tired to stay up so she would hire a nanny to come in the evenings to take care of the children while she slept.

On the first day she was supposed to go to work, Samantha forgot to hire a nanny to stay with the toddlers until the carpool showed up, causing her to miss work. The only good thing was the nanny showed up a bit later and helped out with the toddlers so she could work on her needs.

Veronica was having a tough time adjusting, and her needs were always low. She would go to school and come home not interested in doing homework. Day after day she would refuse to do her homework. Finally Thursday rolled around, and when Veronica came home from school she had a note that said if she did not do her homework or attend school, that the social worker would show up. Veronica looked at her report card and saw the D on it. She crumbled the card up and threw it on the ground, stomping on it.

Samantha had already got home from work and saw through the window. She also saw the stack of undone homework. She realized something needed to be done. She felt terrible most of the time, and she could see that Veronica's needs were depleted as well. Samantha knew that unless something was done, her sweet adorable children would be taken from her. Since Samantha believed in a higher power, she closed her eyes and prayed for help. Suddenly she felt a surge of power run through her and saw Veronica perk up as well.

Deciding to take advantage of this burst of energy, Samantha asked Veronica if she wanted help doing her homework. Veronica agreed and soon she had one of her homework assignments completed. Samantha decided to take a break and let Veronica watch TV for a bit.

Today was also Grant and Lizabeth's birthday. Samantha bought a card table and set it up in the kitchen. She also bought a cake. Samantha went and got Grant out of his crib and brought him over to the cake.

Lizabeth was next to grow up and she grew up badly.

Samantha taught both Grand and Lizabeth how to study and let Veronica do her last homework assignment. The twins played together outside getting their social up and getting to know each other better.

The next morning the children all climbed into the bus and headed for school. Veronica's grade improved to a C. She brought a boy home and played with him for a bit while the twins watched TV to get their fun up.

After the boy left, all of the children got down and did their homework, getting ready for school on Monday. They all had a good nights sleep and got ready for Saturday morning.

Next Up: The Mcnair Family