Thursday, October 30, 2008

Xavier Famly Round Four

Jeffrey was home from college. He invited Beth over to the house and then proposed to her. She accepted and then moved in with 20000 simoleons added to the family funds.

They wasted no time hitting the sack together, and soon the second generation of the Xavier family was on it's way.

The next day Jeffrey and Beth were married at the altar in the side yard.

It was time for John to head off for college next, but first he checked his scholarships. John had missed doing his homework a couple of days in a row and went down to a C. He thought it best to leave now before it got any worse.

Margaret decided she wanted to Marry BJ, so she proposed to him.

but it was not to be. BJ left for work right after the proposal, and not two hours later, the grim reaper showed up.

BJ went on several dream dates and got promotions, some by string pulling and some on his own merit. He ended this round as a prep cook.

Next, it was time for Beth to give birth. She had a little boy they named James.

Although Jeffrey has a LTW of being at the top of the business career, it hasn't shown up on the computer as of yet. he took a job in the show business track instead. here he gets a promotion to cartoon voice, which has to be better than walking around looking like a clown mated with a pack of fries.

Beth got a job in the science career, as I am pretty sure she has a LTW to be a Mad scientist. She is doing fairly well, making it to Scholar (level 7).

It was time for James to grow up to a toddler.

It didn't take long for Beth to both potty train and teach James how to talk.

Paul's Ghost came out one night and scared both Jeffrey and Beth.

That's all for this update.