Monday, December 7, 2009

Ghoulson Family round 6

Here we are at the family that started the challenge. Lizabeth reached the top of her career right away and fulfilled her LTW.

She has a new LTW now of raising 6 pets to the top of their careers. Not sure If I can oblige her, since I have never done this challenge before.

Lizabeth adopted a cat named Heidi. She got along well with Benny.

David got a chance card at work. He chose to yell really loudly at his sergeants.

Which worked. He got a promotion to swat team leader.

which happened as soon as he returned home from work.

not only did he bring a friend home from work, there was a drop in guest as well: Jerry Xavier. He just showed up and made himself at home like a guest.

It was time for Natasha's Birthday

Their dishwasher needed to be repaired and since Lizabeth had 6 Mechanical points, she decided to try and fix it. Bad move.

David got another chance card at work.

He chose the Flashbang, which was the right choice.

David decided to celebrate by taking his wife and daughter on a trip to Twiki Island.

Here is the hotel they stayed at. They had two rooms on the second floor, one for David and Lizabeth and one for Natalie.

The family had a good time, doing some of the tours and other things. Here the family enjoys a soak in the heated pool. Natalie is behind her mother.

Here David is digging for secret treasure. He found lots of bones and rocks and found the map to the witch doctor's house as well.

David and Lizabeth went by themselves to the witch doctor's house and got the voodoo doll. I don't have pictures though. Here is the helicopter leaving after picking them up for one of the tours.

Soon though, it was time to leave Twiki Island and head back to Laurel Valley.

After arriving home, they had dinner and told Samantha all about their trip.

I think David and Lizabeth had a VERY good time on their trip.

Here is an odd picture out. Marsha Bruenig happened to be walking by the house when Natalie came out to meet her father after work. Someone had tipped over the trash can. I didn't see who it was. I did not invite Marsha into the house.


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ASimWen said...

Yay for meeting LTW's!!! I have never done the take six pets to TOC either...although I am working on one house in the Falls with it. It will be completed this round. I think out of all the vacation destinations, Twiki Island is my favorite. Good choice.