Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Xavier1 Family Round 6

This round was filled with job promotions and family life.

This is sort of deja vu, since I believe he had the same chance card last time and lost 3 logic points. What is the outcome this time?

A promotion to Business Tycoon. couldn't have a better outcome that that. plus 35,000 simoleons to boot. not bad.

Nice. He finished his LTW. I wonder what will be his next LTW? Will it be work related? Well look below and find out.

I'm glad it is his second LTW. I will let him have pets and put them to work. If they get to the top of their profession, great.

Happy Birthday, James.

A teenager at last. Let's look at his likes and dislikes and his aspirations.

A fortune sim. Not bad. His LTW is to be a Criminal Mastermind.

I don't remember if James brought her home on the bus, or if she just showed up. They only have a one bolt attraction, but I rarely go by that. I just don't feel that James and Wendy would make a good couple. He is just too ugly.

Jeffrey changed to the education Career track. As you see, he already has a promotion.

And another promotion.

However he found time to smustle with his son.

Back to work. Another promotion.

James found time to play with his fried Jacqueline Graham. Snowmen often attract visitors.

This penguin is definitely making his rounds in Laurel Valley.

James decided to get a head start on his criminal career. He got a promotion rather quickly.

Things weren't all roses for James. He got squirted by a skunk. My first.

However, he did manage to make it to the top of the teen criminal career track.

Margaret made an appearance.

Jeffrey got himself a cat named Mittens and put her to work.

Mittens wasted no time in getting promoted.

Jeffrey and Beth were either concerned over their sons choosing the Criminal Career track or they were discussing the time that the robber came to their house.

Beth got a chance card and decided to take the Desert route.

I guess she should have chosen area 51.

Thus ends another round with the Xavier Family. Tune in next time when we visit the Mcnair 2 Family.

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ASimWen said...

Wendy and James? Ok. I can wait for her to find somebody. :) Nice to see her. :)

ciyrose said...

YAY for an appearance of Wen.