Sunday, October 19, 2008

Xavier Family Round Three

There are only two members of the Xavier family at home right now, since Paul died and Jerry and Jeffrey moved to college. Margaret, an elder, is in aspiration red, and John, who has gold aspiration.

At the beginning of the round, Margaret was worried about still being around when John when to college which she thought was in just a couple of days. She knew there was an elixer she could take that would make her younger, but she needed to improve her aspiration score.

Being home alone while John was at school was boring, so she decided to invite Samantha Ghoulson over. She felt her aspiration level rise some, out of the red. Samantha agreed, and arrived a short time later. Margaret talked and played with Samantha for a few sim hours and her aspiration level kept rising. Soon she was in gold aspiration.

Wasting no time, Margaret got some elixer from John, and drank several glasses of it. She felt rejuvenated, like it had added years to her life.

After making sure her needs were almost full, Margaret decided to go look for someone to fill her life. She missed Paul, but knew she would not be able to resurrect him. Margaret went down to the local Grocery store and looked around.

Everyone she saw there was either teen or adult. She was hoping to find an elderly sim like herself. She decided to try on a formal outfit, even though she didn't have the money at the present to actually buy it.

She decided to take a part-time job in the Law Enforcement Track. After getting the job, she decided to send John to private school. She called up the headmaster and invited him over. The next day while she was at work, the headmaster showed up while John was in bed. He heard the doorbell and got up. John had just begun giving him a tour of the house when Margaret arrived home, getting a promotion to Parking Lot Attendant.

Margaret put a turkey in the oven while John finished giving the Headmaster a tour of the house. John called the headmaster to dinner and joined him at the table. He hoped the headmaster liked the dinner, as they didn't score the maximum on the tour. However, John was good at schmoozing with him.

Both John and Margaret were on pins and needles until the dinner was over. That was when the headmaster would make his decision. Finally, the headmaster put down his knife and fork and smiled.

John was impressed with the headmaster and knew that he would make a great match for his grandmother. Right before leaving for school the next morning, John called the headmaster up and invited him over. He accepted the invitation and asked if he could bring someone with him. John said yes. As soon as John hung up the phone, he jumped on the school bus.

When the headmaster arrived, Margaret was a bit surprised, but greeted him anyway. They chatted and hung out for awhile, quickly getting up to friend status. The "friend" that he brought over was Carmen Mcnair. Margaret talked with her for a few minutes as well.

Margaret decided that she wanted to get to know the headmaster a bit more, so she invited him on a date.

Even though it only was a Great Date, Margaret decided to ask him to move in. BJ agreed, and brought 4,000 simoleons to the house. Once he had moved in though, he lost his position as the headmaster. He decided to try out the Culinary track.

Margaret went to work the next night and got a promotion to Security Guard, which was as far as she could go.

one night when BJ and Margaret were sleeping, Paul showed up and glared at the two of them in bed. He didn't seem to upset though, as Paul didn't try to scare anyone.

The next day when BJ went to work he received a promotion to Drive Through clerk.

Paul actually had ten days left before he had to go to college, and now at the end of the week, he has only four, (will be three at six). He will be leaving the next time I play this house.



ASimWen said...

Alright! You snagged a headmaster. Way to go. :) I have never played on of those. I am interested to see how it goes.

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

I moved a headmaster in once waaaaaaaay back when the game was new, and he glitched my family. I don't think I've ever wanted to move another in after that. I have, however, used them liberally for their donated genetics. ;-)