Friday, October 17, 2008

Toliver family Round Three

This round started with both Malcolm and Kaitlyn off at work. Little Denise was at home alone with the nanny. Denise spent most of her day the way she usually spends her day, skilling with the bunny head.

Meanwhile, the nanny decided to show off her mad skills on the piano. I don't know who she thought was going to tip her. Denise wasn't going to crawl over and put money in the tip jar.

Denise was put to bed shortly before Malcolm arrived home from work. He came into her bedroom and tucked her in.

Malcolm decided to get some practice in on the piano, and Kaitlyn came home from work. She liked the music so much she decided to dance to it.

The next day when Kaitlyn went to work she got a promotion to state assemblyperson

and that night it was time for Denise to grow up into a child.

Malcolm received a promotion to Bank Robber:

Then the next day he got a chance card:

Which got him another promotion.

The friend he brought home with him was named Mehrissa something. I forget her last name. Malcolm was so far behind in his skill points he decided to use Mehrissa to see if could get any promotions. He took her out on a date even though there relationship wasn't all that high yet. They only got to a great date, partly because Mrs. Crumplebottom decided to make her presence known. However that didn't seem to matter to Mehrissa.

Kaitlyn got a promotion to Congressperson.

Malcolm got a promotion to counterfeiter, thanks to Mehrissa.

Malcolm decided to keep up his relationship with Mehrissa, taking her on another date. This time it reached a dream date.

Yes, he and Mehrissa woohoo'd in the car. I think it was one of his wants. Malcolm came home feeling a little guilty about sleeping his way up in ranks. He took Kaitlyn to bed and woohoo'd with her as well. Shortly thereafter, the strains of a lullaby were heard.



ASimWen said...

Oh my! I am glad to see it isn't below Malcom to sleep his way to the top of his job. Hahaha after all, he is in crime...what is honorable about that?? hehehe

Melissa said...

Feeling guilty about woohoo'ing Mehrissa so he woohoos his wife and gets her pregnant. Too bad Townies can't get pregnant. Would be funny if he had both of them pregnant at the same time. =)

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

Oh Malcolm! I always knew he was a rotter! Denise is very pretty, though. At least Malcolm and Kaitlyn make cute kids together.