Thursday, October 23, 2008


Four sims teens: William Mcnair, Veronica Ghoulson, Jeffrey and Jerry Xavier arrived safely at the Boggs Hall Dorm in Acadamie' le Tour University. Shortly after arriving, Jerry proposed to Veronica.

They spent the first semester and a half at Boggs hall dorm. While there, they ate meals together at the dorm cafeteria.

Jeffrey got his first kiss with his new girlfriend, Beth.

They looked around the campus and noticed there wasn't any greek houses. They decided to open their own and rented a nice size house for about 5,500 simoleons. It only had a single floor, but there was plenty of room. Veronica called up and got a charter for a greek house and they immediately started getting pledges.

first was Dagmar, Williams girlfriend, then Elmer, one of the Secret Society members pledged and joined the greek house, moving in.

Everyone had a good time at the greek house, and there always seemed to be someone going off and bringing back a pizza. It wasn't long before the greek house reached level 4.

Jeffrey went on a date with Beth and it turned into a dream date. She liked it so much, she brought over the sphere (forget its full name). Both the llama mascot and the cheerleader loved to come over and use it.

One day one of the computers broke down. Veronica decided to fix it, despite only having a small bit of Mechanical skill. She found it a shocking experience.

Everyone found time to study in the midst of all the goings on at the greek house. sometimes they found a unique place to do their studying.

They had another member of the secret society pledge their greek house, Angie Baity. Here is a picture of the whole group.

The final pledge to actually join the greek house was Jeffrey's girlfriend, Beth.

That brought the total occupancy up to eight sims. It wasn't easy keeping up with everyone, but somehow they survived. Having pizza always around helped a lot.

William decided to propose to Dagmar.

Everyone made it into the secret society. Here a couple of pictures from them being taken.

this is enough. You seen one secret society abduction, you've seen 'em all. I thought it was kind of funny that Veronica was still in her nightgown though. When Veronica was at the Secret Society, she decided to mess with the poses for the artistic camera. Here is one of her doing the moose ears.

Here is closeup of the chauffeur for the limosine. It seems she is moonlighting, since she drives a cab in my neighborhood as well.

Dagmar and Beth decided they wanted to take excelerated classes to catch up with the others. By them time that Veronica, Jerry, Jeffrey and William were Juniors, so were Dagmar and Beth.

Here are a couple of pictures that happened while they were at the greek house. The trainer came over to make Dagmar work out, but decided to practice her dance steps behind the stereo.

I don't know why, but one day I found Jerry standing on the front lawn, sobbing.

Jeffrey and Jerry were having a discussion. Jeffrey just told Jerry to talk to the hand.

Here is Elmer Hutchins in his bedroom. I gave him a bedroom all his own, since he was a romance sim and has a want to woohoo with 20 different sims. He is a placeholder right now in my greek house, so I doubt if I will accomplish his LTW.

Before long it was time for all the playable sims except for Elmer and Angie to Graduate.

Jerry also graduated, even though he is not listed here. They did not graduate all at once, but Jeffrey was first, and the only one to actually have a graduation party. His Grandmother seems a little upset that he only got a B the first semester.

And in this one, I am not sure what she is discussing with him. Maybe asking him how to make a bomb?

The party was a roof raiser. Jeffrey's brother Jerry even found time to talk to his mother and brother John, who also showed up at the party. When it was over it was time for Jeffrey to go back home.

Then, in quick Secession, the rest of the group graduated and went home. Here is Veronica:

Next is Beth:

Then William:

Next in line was Jerry, which I don't have a picture of. He turned into an adult while wearing his bathing suit. Last of the group to leave was Dagmar.

Leaving only Elmer Hutchins and Angie Baity in the greek house to hold down the fort until the next group of teens enter.

Notes about University: As you probably may have guessed, I did use the college adjuster (the thing that looks like phone books) after I brought Dagmar and Beth into the greek house, making them playable. After everyone joined the secret society, I accelerated everyone up to being seniors, and then through graduation. For some reason, both Jeffrey and Jerry scored only a B on their first semester finals. I thought I had their bar all the way to the top. When I used the college adjuster I fixed their grades so they were 4.0. I am not really keeping score anyway.
Beth was the only one not to join the secret society.
I used most of the scholarship money to fix up the greek house, adding a second floor where all the bedrooms are. There are three double beds and two single beds. I left the sphere, guitar, piano and drum kit behind at the greek house. I think I will leave the sphere there all the time, and one of the next round of teens will pick up the musical instruments.
I am thinking about Making Elmer a permanent placeholder in the greek house. He has the LTW of 20 lovers or woohoo's, not sure which, but I thought I might go ahead and let him try for it. He only has one right now.
Elmer's last name is Hutchins, and there is another SS member that is named Elizabeth Hutchins. I know that was random, but it seemed strange. I have found eight of the members so far of the SS. Maybe next time I will take pictures of all the ones I have.

NEXT: The Ghoulson Family Round Four


ASimWen said...

Greek house is always fun. The gh house in Prosperity Falls has a game room where there are poker tables, jenga... (is that what that game is called, I dunno) and musical insturments. My simmies get new pledges and they stay on the poker tables until they have been there long enough to be members. teehee

ciyrose said...

I enjoy Greek Houses, and people getting pizza. Although every once in awhile I need my sim for something and I can't find them because they've run off to campus.

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

I always speed through Uni, too. It takes so long to play it otherwise! Anyway... congrats grads!!