Friday, September 16, 2011

Xavier 3 Family Round Seven

John gets a charisma skill point, and maxes out his skill points in the process.

Marylena got a want to adopt a pet. Here is Cleo, who has learned almost everything he needs to learn and likes to spend time watching TV.

John taught Cleo how to shake hands or paws.

Marylena went into labor while she was fishing. I have to say this is the strangest place any of my sims have ever given birth.

I guess Marylena shouldn't have eaten that cheesecake.

Here is Bruce Hiatt. His twin Brother is named Bobby. I forgot to get John and Marylena married before the babies were born.

John congratulates Marylena on the birth of the boys.

cleo received a promotion to Therapy pet. Soon after this Cleo decided to take a night off which almost got her fired.

Angie got a promotion to getaway driver. I hope she has a drivers license..

Here's their nanny doing her job. Maybe having two babies to care for was a bit too much for her.

The boys became toddlers, despite child neglect by the nanny.

Marylena got a chance card. She had to choose which road to take.

Yeah, the turnpike might have been better. Loss of a skill point and demotion.

Marylena took her demotion hard.

John potty trains Bruce.

Cleo got a chance card. Should he drag Mrs. Peppercorn or investigate?

As Cleo knows,, it is always better to investigate. She got a promotion to seeing eye pet.

Bobby is potty trained. both boys also learned to walk and talk by their mother.

John and Marylena decided to get married at home.

Fah-Zhai's ghost came to visit them. Marylena was scared, which surprised me, since she is a knowledge sim.

Bruce (top) and Bobby have another birthday. At least their hair is different.

Soon after the boys became children, John and Marylena decided they needed a vacation and picked Twiki Island.

John dug up a map to a mysterious hut, so they visited it to see what it was. After fixing up the hut, the witch doctor was so grateful that he gave John a voodoo doll. That may come in handy in the future.

John and Marylena went on several tours. However every one of the chance cards got a bad result. I'm not sure why, but the tour guide never showed up in front of their hotel, so they had to walk to a community lot to get a tour.

After they got home, John came in the boys room and tucked them in. On a side note, Marylena is pregnant again.



ASimWen said...

I love taking my simmies on Vacay. Twiki Island is my favorite destination.

ciyrose said...

LOL....I love what the dog was watching on TV. lol Vacations can be so fun. The boys grew up so fast!