Friday, September 16, 2011

Ghoulson 2 Family

We start this round with Grant getting a promotion.

Then he got a Charisma skill point.

Angie got a chance card.

By making a point Angie got a promotion.

Kiernan brought in some money to help out.

Grant got another promotion. not that he needs it since he already has his LTW.

Kiernan and Carson Mcnair learn the finer points of playing chess, like how to cheat.

Grant switched jobs to his next LTW, getting a promotion right away.

He still had time to be with his family. Here he is tucking Kiernan in.

Here is Kiernan greeting his father who arrived home just as Kiernan got off the school bus. That is Naomi Mcnair watching. It looks like she is in private school. What is she doing coming home with a student from regular school?

Grant got another promotion.

Kiernan becomes a teen.

Just what I like. A pleasure sim with an easy LTW.

Now that Kiernan is a teen, he decided to fire his nanny.

Kiernan saw Nancy Wilson walk by Cymmi.

Kiernan paid the gypsy almost half of the family money to get himself a girl. Who should fall out of the sky but Deborah Kauker.

I think Kiernan got his money's worth, even they have just have two stars toward each other.

Grant got another promotion.

and another chance card.

It could have been worse. At least he didn't get a demotion.

Now it is Angie turn for a chance card.

With a much better outcome.

And so we leave the Ghoulson 2 Family.



ASimWen said...

I have always wondered that as well. How come private school students come home with public schools students, and vice versa? lol I have to say, pleasure Sims are not my favorite. But it helps to get one with an LTW. Seems like pleasure sims are so needy. I guess that just shows what a task master I am with my Sims. hehe

ciyrose said...

I guess the schools use the same bus system. lol.....looks like everyone is doing well here, and a 2-bolt match already...way to go.