Friday, November 26, 2010

Xavier3 family Round Six

Here is the Xavier 3 family consisting of John Xavier. The banner is somewhat of a spoiler and I will explain who she is further down.

John gets a promotion in the criminal career track to smuggler. Way to go John.

When he wasn't at work, John worked on his skills, having a want to get all skills to the top. He also paid attention to Fah-zhasi, his dog.

John reached the top of the Criminal Career track, fulfilling A LTW. Nice going John.

Of course, reaching the top of career and fulfilling an LTW means just one thing, at least in my game. Onward and upward. John rolled a new LTW of being the top of the adventure career.

Of course in the midst of skilling, playing with Fai-zhai and going to work, John had a chance to socialize, usually over the phone. However he did invite a couple of sims over to the house. one of them had the last name of Stompel. I forget his first name.

Unfortunately, while John was out working, the Grim Reaper paid a visit for Fai-Zhai. He was a loving dog.

When John got home from work he got a promotion to the International Sim of Mystery.

Of course some of the excitement was taken out of the promotion when he took time to mourn for Fai-Zhai.

John started talking to this girl he had met at University and still had a bit of an attraction for. After a couple of days, he invited her over and started doing romantic interactions with her. Finally He invited her to move in and she accepted, becoming an adult first.

Her name is Marylena Hiatt, from university. Here is her personality traits:

In case you can't read because it's too small, it's 2 sloppy 3 shy 9 active 7 playful and 4 grouchy.

John got a chance card at work and had to choose between steal their shuttle or use the virus on their computer.

He chose use the virus:

Earning him 15000 simoleons. I thought he would get the rest of the day off, but he didn't come home until his regular time.

Now that Marylena was in his house, John wasted no time in proposing to her and then taking her to bed.

I'm not going to show the woohoo. You seen one woohoo, you seen them all. Marylena's longterm want is to get to the top of the medical career. John decided to drink some Elixir of Life so they wouldn't be too far apart in age.

apparently Marylena only needed one Woohoo to get her pregnant, even though I didn't hear the music.

and last of all, John got all his body skill points. He now needs one Charisma point to get all of his skill points. I think he needs it for his job as well.

That is all for this time.


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ciyrose said...

Wow, lots and lots of skilling around here. She's quite pretty and I can't wait to see the baby.