Friday, November 26, 2010

Ghoulson 2 family round six

It is now time for the Ghoulson 2 Family to be in the spotlight. We have Grant and Angie and little Kiernan. Speaking of little Kiernan, it is time for him to grow up and be a toddler.

Neat 7 shy 4 active 9 playful 8 grouchy 1

Grant got promoted to Platform Jumper. not exactly sure what a platform jumper does.

Grant found time to help Kiernan learn his skills. First there was walking,

Next came potty training. I always potty train my children out in the hall. I guess to be more realistic, I should potty train them in the bathroom or maybe the toddler's bedroom, but there usually isn't enough room to do it there.

And last but not least, Grant taught Kiernan to talk. And guess where. Yep, they were in the bathroom. Notice the snowman in the background. The talk bubble makes it seem like he is commenting on Kiernan's new skill.

In case you were wondering about the snowman, Angie got the autonomous idea to make it on her own. I always thought you had to click on the snow to get them to build a snowman.

Time Flies and it is time for Kiernan to become a child. The nanny just happened to show up then. She wasn't celebrating Kiernan's birthday.

Angie got a promotion to nurse. I don't think she graduated university or she would be higher up the chain.

If kiernan had his way, he would spend the day jumping on the bed. I had him skilling so that he could learn as much as possible while a child. Is it just me, or does he look like he only has two teeth in this picture? it might be hard to see them.

Of course every sim child has the let down on his first day of not getting his A+. Hopefully he will get one soon. I didn't get a picture of Angie teaching Kiernan to study, but she did.

Grant got a promotion to power leveler. not sure where this is on the gamer career track.

Angie was promoted to Intern. She is creeping her way up the ladder.

Finally the last promotion was Angies. She became a resident.

This was all of the main stuff that happened. Here is a random picture from this round.

This is the first time I had a nanny catching butteflies. she put them on the counter afterward and Kiernan viewed the jar with butterflies in it before letting the butterfilies go.

Next Round: Xavier family 3 round six

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