Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toliver Family Round Five

Kaitlyn potty trained Joseph and taught him to talk. Denise taught him to walk.

They had a problem with two nannies showing up at the same time.

Joseph's birthday arrived.

Everyone that had a job got promotions this round. This included Malcolm.

Kaitlyn is still on her mission to become the first mayor of Laurel Valley.

Even Denise got a promotion in her teen job.

They got two dogs and put them to work in the security track.

After Joseph arrived home from school, Malcolm taught him how to study.

It wasn't long before Joseph got an A+ report card.

Kaitlyn and Malcolm got married at home.

and they found time to sit down and eat together.


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ASimWen said...

Alright, short and sweet. :) I like it when Malcom marries and becomes happy. Many players don't like him. I do.