Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mcnair Family1 Round Five

Conner returned from college and got a job in the slacker track. With a LTW of 50 dream dates he knew he was going to need lots of free time. He quickly got a promotion to freelance web designer.

Carmen and Carla became elders. The next morning, Conner had breakfast with his mother while Carmen went downtown to try freestyling for tips. Unfortunately, no one gave her any.

The guy with the french fry head? Jeffrey Xavier. He seems to like going down to community lots dressed this way.

When Conner went to work, he got a promotion to proffessional party guest. Not only does he get three days a week off, but the days he does have to work he only goes in for four hours. Of course the pay isn't that great.

Conner decided it was time to invite Jaqueline Kauker over and ask her to move in. After a couple of romantic interactions he asked her, and she accepted.

Jaqueline is a fortune sim, with a LTW of earning 100,000 in her lifetime. She has 4 neat points, 7 outgoing, 8 active, 3 playful and 3 nice.

Jaqueline had a want to get puppies, so she adopted a dog named betty who entered the show business track, which Jaqueline was also in.

Of course Conner and Jaqueline hopped into bed and tried for a baby.

While Carmen went out to greet one of the townies. She is not the only Mcnair that knows Wendy though.

Later that day, Carmen got a chance card and decided to open restaurants at airports. This netted her 55,000 simoleons and a logic point.

Both Carmen and Carla reached their TOC as Celebrity Chef, thus fulfilling their LTW.

It has been awhile since Carla was out on a date with goopy. It came as a surprise that he pulled the strings to get her her last promotion.

Since they were both elders, Carla and Carmen both retired from their jobs so they could help Jaqueline when the little one was born.

Betty got a promotion to understudy.

Jaqueline gave birth to a little girl they named Deborah.

When Jaqueline went back to work she got promoted to body double.

Carmen went in to give Deborah a bath and Michael's ghost showed up.

It was soon time for Deborah's birthday to become a toddler.

Michael decided to join the party as well.

Carmen saw Michael's ghost.

Jaqueline walked on the water.

Then later, she potty trains Deborah while in her underwear.

That is all for this round.

Next Round: Toliver Family Round Five

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ASimWen said...

OH OH OH!!!! Hi ASimWen! *wavies* Yer lookin' good usual. How is life treatin' ya in Laurel Valley? Be sure to find you a good lookin' hunk who likes to play video games. hehehe

Wow lots of job promotions, and some string pullin' goin' on! Way to go! :)