Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mcnair Family round 3

This round started out well for the Mcnairs. First, Michael got a chance card. He had to choose whether to keep giving water or to break up a a fight.

He chose to break it up.

He also received a promotion to Locker room attendant.

Michael had a want to resurrect his friend Paul Xavier from the dead. He had become a friend of Paul's shortly before Paul's death.

When Conner was at work a man in a fancy car pulled up, but he decided to go on break.

Conner added some money to the family funds.

Michael was not the only one that was getting promotions. Conner and William were both in the slacker career. Conner was the first to be promoted to Convienence Store clerk, the top of the teen Slacker track.

This was followed soon after by Williams promotion to the same job.

Unfortunately, at least for Michael, when they arrived home from work on Tuesday, a ghostly apparition made it's way across the road.

Yes, it was the grim reaper. Michael appeared ready to meet his end. He didn't fight as the hula girls showed up to escort him to the other world.

The SimCity Insurance Company promptly paid out on the policy that Michael had had.

Of course everyone mourned Micheal's passing, but no one went into aspiration failure over it.

The used the insurance money to fix up the house a bit. The bedrooms all had grass floors still, so they put new flooring in, and painted or added wallpaper to all the rooms. Of course this brought the environment score up quite a bit.

William decided to invite the headmaster over to see if he and Conner could get into private school. When it was time for the headmaster to arrive, William and Conner were off at work, and Carla was at work as well. This left Carmen to cook the dinner, greet the headmaster and give him a tour of the house.

Everything went off without a hitch. William even made it home in time to have dinner with the headmaster. at the end the final score was 91/90. Sorry I don't have any pictures.

The next day at school, William decided to show off his cooking skill.

Carmen earned a few promotions of her own. First she became a prep cook:

Then becoming a Sous Chef:

Finally making it to Executive Chef for this round.

Carla got her promotion to Exective chef as well.

Friday evening, Michael's ghost decided to put in an appearance. He seemed as nice in death as he was in life. He just spent the night roaming around the house, not scaring anyone.

William got a chance card at work.

Which had a positive outcome:

And it was time for William to head off for college.

Next time: The Toliver Family


Anonymous said...

a nice update, lots of promotions. i forget to pictures of the headmaster visit i just say that he doesn't like having his picture taken or has a secret identity that nobody knows. (but now i have given my secret away)

ASimWen said...

Wow great round. Lots of promotions, what fun!

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

Oh now! All the old people are dying this round! Good-bye, Michael!