Monday, August 8, 2011

Xavier1 Family Round Seven

Xavier1 Family round seven

We start this round with Beth getting her bronze fishing badge. Looks like fish is on the menu.

Beth decides to relax in the sauna.

Beth and Jeffrey age up to elders within a sim hour of each other.

James talks to teen Wendy and builds their relationship up.

James decides to go to College. Jeffrey and Beth waved to him from inside the house.

congratulations Beth. The world needs more mad scientists.

Jeffrey and Beth decide to dig for buried treasure with varied results. The treasure chest was put in Jeffrey's inventory for now.

Mittens learns to sit up.

Jeffrey and Beth decide to take a vacation while James is at college.

They decide on Takemizu Village and stay at the best hotel there. After checking in, they decide to go on a tour.

They get a chance card and decide to reason with the natives.

Which wasn't the best idea. Bee stings are not fun.

They enjoy most of their meals in their hotel suite.

They both found the hot springs relaxing. Even with the creepy local person staring at them.

They found time to do some fishing. Jeffrey even did some digging although I don't have a picture of it.

They learned how to do a new massage which they will use back home.

They went on other tours and on one of them got a map to a pagoda that they decided to visit.

Not once, but several times. They didn't get to master the art of tai Chi though,

They spent the entire time alloted on vacation and then came home.

After they arrive home Beth gets her Silver fishing badge.

Beth practices her tai chi in the backyard.

Beth gussies up

Mittens gets a chance card and decides to obey orders and sit out.

Which was the wrong choice. Sorry Mittens.

Both Jeffrey and Beth retire from their job, although I only got Jeffrey's.

The rest of their time was spent having fun.


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ciyrose said...

Looks like elderhood is suiting Beth and Jeffrey quite well. :)