Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ghoulson1 Family Round Seven

Here we are back at the start of the Laurel Valley families. Lots happened here that was noteworthy. Let's begin.


First, Heidi the cat got a chance card and decided to warn the star.


Which turned out to be the right decision. Heidi got a promotion.


She is now a stunt double and needs to learn to play dead.


Samantha finally reached the top of the
medicine career track, becoming chief of staff and fulfilling her LTW.


Her new LTW is to become a Space Pirate. I'm sorry, Samantha, You are an elder and can never reach this goal.

Samantha taught Heidi how to play dead. This was the skill Heidi needed to reach the top of her career.


Heidi got another change card. She didn't take the job offered.


Bringing an extra 4500 simoleons into the family's coffers.


Lizabeth gave birth to a baby boy they named Jacob. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the baby.


Except this one with the nanny holding him and you really can't see him.


Here is a picture of the Ghoulson family as it is right now. It is very shortly going to change.


Natasha coming out to greet her father coming home from work.


Natasha grew up on her own without a cake


She is a fortune Sim.


Whose LTW is to have 5 top rated businesses. this is going to be interesting.


Shortly after, Jacob became a toddler.


Jacob's personality is neat 10 shy 3 active 9 playful 9 grouchy 1


Lizabeth wasted no time in potty training Jacob.


Heidi received her promotion to Star, the top of her career track.


Lizabeth teaches Jacob how to walk. Everything seems to be going great for the Ghoulson family.


Here is Natasha checking her self out in front of the mirror. She must think she looks pretty cool with the thinking cap on her head.


Poor Jacob, reduced to eating food out of the pet dish.


Let's have a moment of silence. Another of our founding families has lost the founder. Samantha Ghoulson has moved on to better pastures. At least she died in platinum.


She must not have left her son, Grant, any money or not very much.


We have a money tree thief in the neighborhood. This is Veronica Long, I think.


It was time for Jacob to become a child. Other than not learning to talk, he had a pretty great toddlerhood.


Here is what Jacob looks like as a child. I think he looks a lot like his father, although I don't know what his father looked like as a toddler, since he was a university sim.


Natasha got a job in the medicine career track for teens. She was studying so lonng she missed the car pool ride and had to borrow her mother's car to get to work on time.


I'm glad I sent her to work because she came back with a promotion to Orderly.


David maxed out his body skill. Unfortunately with samantha gone, he now needs 4 friends. He has a day off and I think he has sims that he can build up to friend status before he has to head to work again.

That pretty much was all the major things that happened this sim week. Below are a couple of the off pictures that I took.


The double nanny curse. I think I brought this one on the family, as I called for a nanny at night so everyone could get some sleep while the toddler got up during the night. She might have been still on duty when the other one arrived.


I found Heidi on a spare counter I had out in the house. I thought it was pretty funny. I guess they can jump on counters in the kitchen as well. I never noticed before.

Okay, that is enough pictures for this round.

NEXT TIME: Mcnair Family1 round seven

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