Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mcnair Family 2 Round 5

Dagmar and William spent time teaching the toddlers their skills. Dagmar worked with Casper while William worked with Karen.

William reached the top of the science career, fulfulling his LTW.

Then they worked with the children, helping them potty train, etc.

What is this? a burglar in the house? No! It's William, dressed for his new job in the criminal career track. His new LTW is to become a criminal Mastermind.

The toddlers grew into children

The Children went to school

and Dagmar invited the headmaster over to try to get Casper and Karen into private school. He received a quick tour of the house by Karen.

Dagmar and William eat dinner with the headmaster at the table while Karen ate by herself in the kitchen. I guess she didn't want to eat in front of the headmaster.

Casper finally came to the table and engaged the Headmaster in conversation.

Apparently the headmaster was impressed, as the children were accepted into private school. By the way, I don't usually get enough points without doing some Schmoozing, but this time they would have done great even without it. Apparently they had an outstanding house, gaining 50 touring points. The bathrooms must have been immaculate.

Dagmar helped the children study.

Of course the children worked on their skills. Here is a picture of Karen about to enter the pool.

Dagmar made sure the children got their meals on time.

The children usually don't socialize with each other, at least when I am playing them. One day at the end of the week both Casper and Karen got out of bed and found a thick layer of snow on the ground, Karen ran outside and started building a snowman. Casper came out soon after and joined her.

One of the neighborhood stray dogs came over to investigate.

They finally finished just after the sun came out.

Then came inside and sat on the couch for awhile.

Soon it was time to head to private school.

Next round: Xavier Family 2


M.McMillan said...

They must have got up really early to have time to build a snowman rest until they were warm and then go off to school

ASimWen said...

Wow 50 points on a tour! That is really great. I don't think I have ever seen that.

ciyrose said...

I know, I'm really far behind, but nice update. 50 points is HUGE for a tour, that's awesome!