Thursday, November 20, 2008

University 2

I sent four more of my teen sims to university this round. Lizabeth and Grant Ghoulson, Connor Mcnair and John Xavier. They started out in the same dorm as the last group did. Here is Conner seated at the table and I think John Xavier sitting on the floor hanging out with one of the university students.

Conner met one of the dorm students, Jaqueline Kauker, and asked her out on a date. While they were out, Kaitlyn Toliver came over to the table. I guess as a politician, she just wants to meet all of the residents of Laurel Valley.

The date only reached great date status. Near the end of the date, after Conner and Jacqueline took a photo memento of their date, Kaitlyn stepped into the booth to take her own pictures. I have never seen a sim you weren't controlling using the photo booth before this.

Right after the date ended, who should show up, but Mrs. Crumplebottom. At least she didn't get to ruin their date.

Lizabeth was the first to join the greek house. She became friends with Elmer and Angie and called on the phone to join the greek house. She moved from the dorm to the greek house, then invited the others over. John, Conner and Grant pledged the greek house and became members themselves.

Once they had become members of the greek house Conner went on another date with Jacqueline, this time reaching dream date. She came over later and dropped off another sphere. Conner put this one in his backpack.

All of the guys at the greek house seemed to think Angie was hot. I could understand Conner thinking so, since blonde hair is one of his turn ons, but all of them, including Elmer thought she was hot and would look at her and wave their hand up and down. Here is her picture.

everyone joined the secret society, starting with Lizabeth. Here is a picture of Grant Ghoulson being abducted.

Lizabeth invited over her boyfriend, David Bachman. She proposed to him and he accepted.

Conner asked Angie out on a date and it ended up a dream date, then asked Jacqueline out on a date, which was also a dream date. He is up to seven dream dates now, and needs 43 more for his LTW.
After the date reached dream date status, Conner asked Jacqueline Kauker to marry him. She accepted. I guess they will be spending a lot of time going on dates back in Laurel Valley.

Everyone but Grant graduated Summa cum Laude. Grant got a 3.6 on his final final exam, so that brought him down. They have all moved back to Laurel Valley where I shall pick up with their lives.



ASimWen said...

"I have never seen a sim you weren't controlling using the photo booth before this." Gad, I have never seen that either. I will keep an eye open for it!

Anonymous said...

i have seen this a sim you are not controller use the photobooth. It not very common though. Lovely update as usual.

M.McMillan said...

College is such a fun time to set up their lives.