Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Laurel Valley Challenge

"Come to Laurel Valley, a tranquil lush community! We currently have four units ready for immediate occupancy. For a limited time, we are offering these for the low, low price of only 15, 190, marked down from their normal price of 20,000 simoleons! Bring your loved ones and get in on the ground floor, so to speak, of our brand new community"


Samantha Ghoulson re-read the flyer as she sat in her parents living room. It sounded like the ideal place to raise her three children, two year old twins, Grant and Lizabeth and 6 year old Veronica. Samantha and her children had been living with her parents ever since her husband Steve had been deployed to Iraq. She had been informed only a month ago that Steve had been killed in a roadside ambush, leaving her a widow.

The children all had her red hair. She had hoped that at least one of them would have Steve's lovely blonde hair, it had not worked out that way. She did see Steve in their actions and facial characteristics though.

Although Samantha's parents had said there would be no problem with her living there, Samantha knew she had to make a new start. Laurel Valley sounded like the ideal place to take her children. She had 20,000 simoleons saved up in the bank. She knew it would not be easy. She would have to get a job and get someone to care for the kids. The first couple of years would be really difficult. Samantha picked up the phone and started dialing the number on the flyer.


Samantha adult Fortune LTW become chief of staff
2 Neat 3 outgoing 9 active 7 playful 4 nice

Veronica Female child
4 neat 10 outgoing 4 active 4 playful 3 nice

Grant Male Toddler
7 neat 4 outgoing 1 active 8 playful 5 nice

Lizabeth Female Toddler
9 neat 2 outgoing 6 active 3 playful 5 nice



In another neighborhood, far, far away, Michael Mcnair saw the same flyer. He lived in small studio apartment by himself. Nearby, his twin daughters Carmen and Carla lived together with their sons Conner and William. They had recently gotten a divorce from their husbands. Michael knew they were having a difficult of it. Although Michael was not rich, he decided he wanted to get a house n Laurel Valley and bring his daughters in with him. Michael called his daughters and they agreed, since thier husbands were not giving them any alimony and they were about to lose the house they were in. Michael called the real estate agency in Laurel Valley.


Michael male elder popularity LTW Become hall of famer
2 neat 3 outgoing 9 active 7 playful 4 grouchy
Carla female adult pleasure LTW Become Celebrity Chef
6 neat 5 outgoing 8 active 3 playful 3 nice
carmen Female adult pleasure LTW Become Celebrity Chef
5 neat 5 outgoing 3 active 8 playful 4 nice
William Male Child Son of Carla
5 neat 5 outgoing 3 active 8 playful 4 nice
Conner Male Toddler son of Carmen
4 neat 7 outgoing 8 active 3 playful 3 nice


The Toliver Family

Kaitlyn Toliver had big plans. She wanted to become mayor. Not of this city where she was currently living with her parents though. She had had enough of it. After all, she was 21 now. Too old to be living with her parents. Kaitlyn had worked odd jobs and had accumulated a nest egg of 20,000 simoleons. She was going to move to another community, one that was just starting out perhaps. She walked out to the mailbox and looked inside. She saw a flyer from someplace called Laurel Valley. Hmm, nice and cozy. Something she was looking for. Kaitlyn walked back in the house with a smile on her face. She picked up the phone and started dialing.

Kaitlyn Female Adult Popularity LTW Become Mayor
5 neat 8 outgoing 6 active 3 playful 3 nice

The Xavier family

Paul Xavier sat on the couch with his wife of 40 years, Margaret. They still could not believe the news they had recently recieved. Their son, Johnny, had been sitting on the ground looking up at the sky, when a Satellite re-entered the earth's atmosphere and came crashing down on him, killing him instantly. Johnny had left behind twin teens Jeffrey and Jerry, and toddler John, his namesake. they all had his brown hair, a trait that Paul was sure would be passed down from generation to generation.

Paul had already taken the boys into his and Margaret's apartment, but there wasn't enough room for everyone. After discussing it with his wife, Paul decided they would look for a new community. This one held too many sad memories for everyone. They had to get a fresh start.

Paul held the flyer to a place called Laurel Valley in his hands. It didn't say much. It did seem an ideal community to raise his grandsons in. Their were only four lots currently available though. He had to act quickly to grab one of them before they were all sold out. Paul gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and then picked up the phone.


Margaret female elder family LTW graduate 3 children from college
5 neat 3 outgoing 7 active 3 playful 7 nice

Paul Female Elder Family LTW Marry off six children
5 neat 8 outgoing 6 active 3 playful 3 nice

Jeffrey male teen fortune LTW become business tycoon Twin of Jerry
2 neat 3 outgoing 9 active 7 playful 4 nice

Jerry male teen Family LTW Become Captain Hero Twin of Jeffrey
4 neat 10 outgoing 4 active 4 playful 3 nice
John Male toddler
4 neat 10 outgoing 4 active 4 playful 3 nice


Anonymous said...

Great start, lov the way you did your introductions. Keep going, i will keep reading aslong as you keep posting

ASimWen said...

Oh my goodness... I work with a lady named "Tolliver". heh I like the beginning. Hope to see it thru to the end!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I love your introductions. I have a soft spot for blogs written in story format, and you have done well. Looking forward to reading more about your families.

M.McMillan said...

Good introductions. I like your story

Anonymous said...

Great start! I will be reading


Luckycharm said...

I really enjoyed your introductions. This should be a fun read.

SabrosaRose said...

Great start. I really like the story line.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found this blog through a link on another one. Really great intro's. I've bookmarked your blog for my next free evening.

I also have a new neighbourhood started,though its not prosperity. http://threelakesmountain.wordpress.com/

ditzybug59 said...

Hi, Really great start. Can't wait to see where this leads to with your story. Will be checking often to see what happens.

Liz said...

Somehow your blog managed to slip under my radar, I saw on the yahoo group that you posted an update and decided to see if I could get caught up. I'm looking forward to seeing how these family's stories develop!

DebC said...

Interesting back stories. I can't wait to see how they all make out.