Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Mcnair Family round one

Michael was very pleased when he led the rest of the family into the house. It was larger than he expected inside. There would be plenty of room for the boys to play. Michael wanted to see Conner and William grow up strong and healthy. Since Michael had a want to enter the Athletic field, he picked up the newspaper and checked the classified ads. He saw there was an opening for waterboy and took it. He knew that both Carmen and Carla had a want to be Celebrity chefs, so he checked for them. There were currently no openings in the culinary track.

Carmen and Carla decided to study cooking to get a head start on their careers. Carla picked up a cookbook, while Carmen turned on the TV and surfed over to the Food Network. Before long, they each had some cooking skill.

William kept his fun up and managed to study a bit himself. Michael kept an eye on conner, taking him to the potty occassionally and letting him play with the bunny head they had purchased for him. He heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it. He found Kaitlyn Toliver and Paul and Margaret Xavier standing on the sidewalk. He invited them inside.

Carla found time to chat with Margaret Xavier.

Michael kept after Conner and took him to the potty a couple of times. He also taught Conner to talk. They became close.

Maybe too close.

Michael was not the only one to get close to Conner as a toddler. His cousin William would spend time with him while he was playing with the bunny head.

Carmen and Carla both got a job in the culinary track on the second day, but Michael quit his job after working one day. He decided he wanted to be there for his grandsons, and to help his daughters further their career and personal lives.

Michael saw that his daughters weren't looking for boyfriends, and Michael wondered about it. Finally he decided to have a talk with them after work.

Soon it was time for Conner to have a birthday and become a child. William and Michael came to watch Carla hold Conner up to the cake and help him blow the candles out.

Right after Conner grew up, he had a toilet accident. I guess someone should have taken him to the potty before he grew up, but oh well. He got a bad memory of this.

Later that evening, Carmen tried to get Conner to study using Williams homework. However, Conner was still obsessing over his accident and didn't quite learn enough to get the memory.

He got up just in time the next morning to get on the bus with William. When Conner got home, Michael sat down with him and finished helping him study. William also did his homework, after a round outside kicking over some pink flamingoes.

Carmen and Carla got jobs in the culinary track. While Carmen was on the job, she saw several teenagers that were known to grab their food at the drive-through and leave without paying for it. She knew she could either ask them to leave, or teach them a lesson. She decided to go ahead and teach them a lesson.

Michael had gone to work as a waterboy, but when he got home he decided to quit his job. He decided to help raise his grandsons and give his daughters a boost. Michael went about cleaning the house, includig the toilet, and even though he only had a bit of mechanical skill, Michael fixed the TV and the shower when they broke down.

Michael was very active in his grandson's lives. Even after they were in bed, he would come in and tuck them for the night.

Some miscellaneous pictures from the Mcnair family:

Nannys can be good

Or lost in Thought

This was Calista Desperet. I have usually found her to be a good nanny. She does have some quirks though.

Next up: Kaitlyn Toliver


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Lucky you. Two adults and an elder to help care for the kids. Too bad about that accident. I try to make sure a toddler's needs are filled (except for energy, so they can sleep through the night) before sending them to the cake.
The game tends to pick one nanny to be really good. In mine, it's Kendal Lawson. Good job. Whenever I see Michael, I'm now going to get warm fuzzies.

ASimWen said...

I totally agree with Fini. Michael is a good grampy. I and Kendall is a great nanny!

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

Michael is such an awesome grandpa. Too bad elders don't live long in the game. He will be missed when he passes.

Calista is usually good in my game, too.