Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ghoulson Family Round Two

Samantha sat on the couch and thought about the week she had just gone through. First of all, she had received several promotions at work. First of all she became a paramedic:

Then she was an intern:

And finally, a Resident:

She was now halfway to her goal of becoming chief of Staff. She knew she needed to do some more studying though and make a few more friends.

There was also several birthday's this week. All of her children were now teens. First off, Veronica had her birthday and blew out the candles on her cake:

A few days later, Grant and Lizabeth both aged into teens at the same time. However, Samantha was so busy, she had forgot all about buying them a cake. They aged on their own.

Samantha was glad that they both grew up in platinum. She wanted only the best for them.
Here are the children again, with their aspirations and other information.

Samantha had to chuckle to herself as she remembered how the nanny set herself on fire on Veronica's birthday. It all started when she tried to make a baked Alaska.

Well it appears she dropped the plate, and caught herself on fire. Samantha wasn't sure how she did it, but the nanny got fire on her butt as well.

of course it only got worse from there. It seemed as if the fire would totally consume the nanny.

However, Samantha had installed a fire alarm for such emergencies as this. Mitch the fireman showed up and hosed the nanny down, saving her life.

This was not the only fire that the nanny caused. She was a bit absent minded and put a pie in the oven to cook and went off to the bathroom. However there were no pictures of the event.

Samantha also began to wonder what kind neighbors she had. Veronica had met the neighbor boy, Jerry Xavier, and seemed to hit it off with him (2 lightning bolts). Now it seemed he would show up all hours of the day or night.

Also, his mother, Margaret, would show up. Samantha met her once, but didn't have any kind of relationship with her.

They would come over and use our chessboard. Samantha guessed Margaret and Jerry didn't have one of their own.

Samantha wondered what the week ahead would bring. Time would only tell.

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ASimWen said...

Congratulations to Samantha for the nice promotions! Between Verionica, Grant, and got two fortune sims and one family sim. Very good. Great asps to play. Haha nanny fires are funny!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Samantha is doing very well, and all the kids are teens. Very good. Now Samantha can focus completely on her career. I love how nannies set themselves on fire making crepes. I'm glad that Veronica already has a boyfriend. It'll be easy to keep her happy.

Robert said...

Yes, It will probably be easier, especially when I send her to university, probably at the same time her boyfriend goes.

I tried to have Veronica use the ask on a date option on a phone to go out with Jerry, but I forgot that teens can't use it. They did meet downtown though and had a good time.

Ang said...

I was secretly hoping the nanny would become a ghostie. Ah well. Yay fire dept!

Melissa said...

My Teens can use the Ask on Date option from the phone without any problems. Do you have any phone hacks that might be suppressing that option? Asking because I have a hack that doesn't allow my Sims to make pork-chops. LOL.

Robert said...

I asked the sim on the phone, and a taxi was on it's way. I got a pop up warning that I better get to the community lot as so and so doesn't like being stood up. Just as my sim got in the taxi and started to leave to the community lot, she got another message that said Jerry was stood up. I just assumed that this was because teens were not allowed to date on community lots.
However, after playing the Mcnair house, I was able to get my teen sim to invite another teen over and ask them out on a date. They would go the community lot after the date started with no problem.
As far as I know there aren't any hacks messing up the option on the phone. The only hack I know I have is to speed up university.

ChillyzGrrl (aka DebC) said...

At least your nanny was cooking when she set herself on fire. I had a family once where 3 nannies in a row spontaneous combusted. No cooking necessary... unless they were trying to cook themselves.